Hobnob moves to the cloud

February 14th, 2014

Today, we’re announcing Hobnob®, the virtual network adapter that combines WiFi and 4G on your device and connects it to our global cloud of ultra-fast servers. Hobnob is now available from our online store. You can also choose a standalone mobile router configuration for large-capacity applications.  That’s because Hobnob is designed for people working in professions where seconds matter:  people such as firefighters, paramedics, police officers and other first responders—in addition to IT/datacenter emergency response staff and c-level execs working in mobile environments who can’t afford dropped VOIP calls, video drops or VPN disconnects.

It’s important to understand that Hobnob is far more than an app; Hobnob is a virtual network adapter connecting any device to our global cloud of ultra-fast servers.

Hobnob easily adapts to suit your individual needs.  You can combine AT&T 4G built in to your Toughpad with a Verizion JetPack on board your vehicle and WiFi at your fire stations.  And you can easily add the WiFi networks at your local hospitals and seamlessly roam from ambulance to the ER network and back without dropping your connection—and best of all, while automatically taking advantage of the lowest-cost WiFi available.

By combining a tethered Verizon phone with the WiFi built into your Tesla or other high-performance vehicle, you can instantly double your network performance and eliminate outages. You can also combine a portable Verizon hotspot with the built-in AT&T 4G on your Windows tablet, and by so doing stop dropping your mission-critical Skype calls and live video meetings while driving to your next client.

Hobnob also offers high-performance, affordable systems for large-capacity corporate motorcoach operators supporting 50 or more demanding tech employees on every bus.  By choosing a standalone mobile router configuration, you can  combine all four major carriers plus free Google WiFi into one seamless network that makes your clients once again happy with the network.

Need reliable networking for an upcoming press event? Choose a Hobnob standalone router configuration and plug your favorite access point into the Ethernet port on the Hobnob device to combine house WiFi with four mobile carriers and raise your expectations for reliable networking at your next event. Combine house Ethernet with WiFi and 4G configured as a failover/backup.

From fire apparatus to passenger cars to large corporate shuttles, Hobnob delivers the most reliable high-speed solution for anything on wheels. We’re also the most reliable solution for fast-turn-up networking at press events and demos.

For more information, please visit http://www.hobnob.com.

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