Hobnob quick start guide

June 3rd, 2014

This blog post answers questions new Hobnob customers are asking:

  • What is Hobnob? Hobnob is a virtual network adapter that installs on your device and automatically combines 4G and WiFi into one high-performance network cloud. The combined network stream is retransmitted from the cloud. Hobnob sends traffic simultaneously on 4G and WiFi, optimizing 4G data usage and lowering 4G charges.

  • Is Hobnob designed for me? Hobnob amps up network performance and reduces 4G charges. Hobnob is designed for people working in professions where seconds matter. Hobnob minimizes costly network interruptions and saves on 4G charges.

  • How do I use Hobnob? Hobnob software installs on your Windows, OSX or Android device (coming soon) and combines WiFi, 3G/4G, Ethernet and even Satellite links into one big network cloud.

  • What does the Hobnob fee cover? The monthly fee pays for Hobnob cloud access, bandwidth, public IPs and other ISP-related functionality.

  • Is Hobnob WiFi offloading? Hobnob is fundamentally different from WiFi offloading. Hobnob is designed for individuals seeking greater mobile network performance and reliability for working productively while mobile. WiFi offloading, in contrast, is an offering for carriers to increase profits by moving subscribers off their 4G spectrum and onto public WiFi spectrum. WiFi offloading is designed for carriers seeking to charge their subscribers for using free WiFi spectrum.

  • What are the most common use cases for Hobnob ONE?

    • Individual laptop or tablet.

      • Ultra reliable connectivity for people working in professions where seconds matter.

    • Live streaming events, demos, tradeshows

      • Corporate live-streaming events, live-breaking news or other media/streaming events where downtime is expensive.

  • What are the most common use cases for Hobnob MANY?

    • Corporate shuttle or commuter rail

      • Demanding business/technology professionals whose downtime is expensive, need to work via remote access during commutes.

    • Entertainer tour coaches

      • Ultra-reliable mobile connectivity to support live streaming, real-time video conferencing and other tour management and planning activities.

    • Mobile medical/imaging clinic

      • Reliable connectivity for multi-user EHR support and image transfer.

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